Tips for Buying a Racing Helmet

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You will also need to select the full or open face helmet. Clearly, open face helmets provides less protection for the face itself - however they are undeniably convenient for your driver, and in some cases, offer improved visibility for the driver. Ultimately, this choice should come down to personal preference, nonetheless it may be valued at bearing in mind that a majority of professional series restrict the use of open-faced helmets, forcing drivers to look at full-face helmets with their superior protection levels.

Now before shifting I want to stress that I am not talking about those big fast go karts which you see on TV. I am speaking about those that have been developed specifically for children's parties. They are for age ranges between 4 to 9 which means that they don't really actually move that fast but it feels like it for the kids.

Finally, you will also should check whether or not the helmet you might be purchasing is compatible with any HANS devices you are required to wear. HANS devices, or Head and Neck Support devices, are used to restrain the position of the head, compared to the torso, throughout a crash. They do this by forcing the majority of the forward pressure to the chest muscles, in lieu of neck muscles. If your racing series necessitates utilization of HANS devices, ensure the helmet is drilled so that is compatible with your HANS device.

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